2013 - 2016

Collaboration with Ksenia Babushkina

Schema is a set of enquiries on the nature of photographic image. The formal principle is to juxtapose almost identical images with certain inconsistencies in a way that creates a puzzling narrative. The goal is to question the basic conditions of a photograph: time and space coordinates, exposure, angle, optics, spectrum and its effect on a viewer. 

What sort of presumptions we use in order to “read” a photograph? How do we capture something that is constantly changing? How do we adjust our perception to read a sequence of images as meaningful? What is the nature of our discomfort when we fail to do so? 

Schema re-approaches early cinema experiments with visual narrative (most notably Kuleshov’s experiments on interpretation and virtual landscape), but this time questioning the possibility of a photographic narrative as such. It uses various techniques documenting similar locations or same locations with time gap, mirrored images, different exposure and lighting, different parts of the visible light spectrum, but the basic question remains the same: what happens (becomes visible) when we put two images together?

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